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Talisman Systems by Anonymous

First of all, of course, you need a talisman. This talisman is available in 6 different variations:

Once you've got your first talisman, you can do two things: Put Bonuses on it or upgrade it.

You need 2 items to switch the talisman:
Talisman-Reinforce Talisman-Reinforce (to add up to 3 bonuses)
Talisman-Enchant Talisman-Enchant (to change bonuses)

In addition to the drop sources listed in the wiki, you can buy both Talisman-Reinforce Talisman-Reinforce and Talisman-Enchant Talisman-Enchant from Rita, an NPC on Map1.

Below are the maximum possible bonuses for a talisman:

The following items are required to upgrade a talisman:

Intended use:
A talisman increases damage against various boss monsters. Which element is needed for which boss can be seen in the form of a symbol next to the life bar of the boss. In the dungeon overview you can also see which talisman is needed for which boss. Just select the dungeon you need and look at the right side under "Talisman".